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Are you frustrated by the disappearing inventory of bargain foreclosures that you can quickly find to flip, rent or hold?

The good news is they did not disappear, the bad news is they are being managed by online auction companies that force you to pay non-refundable fees before telling you everything you need to know before you bid.

Online real estate auction companies such as control massive amounts of prime inventory but in my opinion, their technology is not user friendly, the accuracy of the property information is not guaranteed and the support from the company is unreliable.

Most importantly, you risk losing your hard earned money if you are not trained before you bid.  You are not set up for success and this is not your fault because the deck is stacked against you.

Do you know the six phases of the bid process? Most investors do not and unfortunately a lot of the information is provided after you risk your non-refundable deposit.

Remember, you are negotiating with technology and the penalties for being unprepared and changing your mind are steep, immediate and non-negotiable.

As seasoned real estate investors, we are always looking for hot properties and bargain buys because we enjoy the life-style choices and time freedom that successful real estate investing provides.

However, whether you like it or not or whether you participate or not the massive inventory of foreclosed homes has moved online and it is not coming back.

Smart companies such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Freddie Mac, and others have studied the economics, assessed the risk and calculated the profit. These large and wealthy institutions have spent thousands of dollars to perform the market research and they have concluded that online real estate auctions are a more profitable and less risky way to reduce inventory, streamline operations and automate inventory reduction processes.

We did not want to miss out on this moving train so we made the shift and did the work to master online real estate auction investing but it did not happen overnight.

We committed years of study using our engineering discipline and our 25 years of real estate expertise as a broker, investor and instructor to develop systems, tools and strategies that helped us lead with profit and overcome the pitfalls of online auction real estate investing that can wipe you out.

Now we can help you accomplish your goals faster with less risk and without the years of trial and error that we went through.

We have removed 90% of the risk because we have already been where you are going. We have done the research and the hands on work so you can learn from our experience.  

Plus, the majority of people including real estate agents have no idea where this hidden inventory is and how to profit, so you also have a strategic timing advantage to “cherry pick” the best deals if you act quickly.

Our goal is to use our experience to help you succeed in online auction real estate investing even if you have never invested before.

We saw the scary consumer reviews and we know that education eliminates fear so we have cracked the code and developed an online auction real estate investment success blue print that will allow you to reap enormous profits and enjoy the quality of life that you deserve.

We have personally mastered all aspects of the online auction real estate bid process from auction to profit.

In my professional opinion, most of the problems are from unprepared consumers who lack the training and support to succeed in online real estate auction investing because they do not know what to expect. They are also blind-sided by incomplete information on the front end and lack of support after they win the bid.

Online real estate auctions are completely different from a traditional real estate or foreclosure purchase. Remember, does not represent you as the online real estate auction buyer and most real estate agents are not trained in this specialized area of real estate.

        This webinar is not about concepts and theories

It is real world, hands on knowledge presented by a real estate professional and Freddie Mac listing broker who cracked the code to successful online real estate auction bidding after studying for several years.

We are honored to share our top 1% nationwide real estate credentials and hand on success with you. In fact, you will not find the combination of expertise and real world strategies, with inside secrets anywhere except on this webinar so make sure you sign in early, and get your questions ready for our powerful question and answer session.

In this presentation, we pull back the curtains to unlock the 7 Hidden Secrets to Master Online Real Estate Investing with 

Here is What you Will Learn

  1. How to locate and safely cash in on the massive amount of foreclosures that are controlled by risky online auction companies                           

  2. How to Avoid losing Your 2  Non-Refundable Payments

  3. The Most Dangerous Property Type that You should Never Buy
  4. Inside strategies, tools and secrets to help you go from auction to profit even in you have never invested before

Break down of the Online Bidding Process

We break down the entire bidding process into 4 steps and give you the actual bid formula that we used to protect our profit and enjoy six figure success.

The 5 Occupancy and Status Types

We also highlight the occupancy and status types that you must know before you bid. (Warning - There are 5 Occupancy and status types that you will not read about on the site.  Do Not Bid Before Knowing this because you can lose a lot more than your bid deposit if you acquire the property and are not able to dispose of it because of the occupancy and status types)

Entering the Bid

You will experience fear, anxiety, excitement  and other natural emotions when you get ready to enter the bid. We felt the same way and we are seasoned investors.  That is why we tell you what to expect in advance so you can be confident and prepared.

There is no reason for you to bump your head, lose your hard earned money, reinvent the wheel and be blindsided.  We look around the corner  for you and teach you what to expect so you can save time, money and stress. We also reveal some power secret ninja strategies to help you succeed.  

Securing the Bid

Once you win the bid, your bid deposit is still at risk so the back end skills become critical.

You still have to secure the bid and submit your down payment to close on the property.  We break down these steps. let you know what to expect, and guide you through the maze of actions that you must take to stay on top of the property condition after you win the bid.

We even throw in some advanced marketing strategies that made us a quick $30,000 on an investor flip.

All of this and much more will be revealed in these 7 Hidden Secrets to Master Online Real Estate Investing with

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Sandra Brazelton, Broker
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Quali-tech Properties
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